No Connection to the Stock Market

How to Diversify Yourself away from Stock Market’s Volatility….

Often we look at the stock market swings with disgust because our hard earned money weighs in the balance, but there are ways to diversity and protect yourself. Traditionally for individuals, homes and other real-estate have provided good diversification for one’s retirement, but with real-estate so depressed, we cannot count on this any more.

Many do not know that investing in “Corporate Receivables” provides a terrific diversification to one’s existing portfolio because it does not track the swings of the Stock Market. Actually, “Corporate Receivables” for credit worth companies pay a fixed amount no matter what the Stock Market’s situation is. “Corporate Receivables” should have the same credit risk as their corresponding companies’ bonds, but with none of the volatility because corporations have to pay their bills in order to maintain their credit and to stay out of litigation.

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