Monthly Income @ 7.10 %

PMF Notes provide 7.10 % annual yield with Interest Paid Monthly:

With the major banks like Wells Fargo providing 1-3 Yr CD rates that are approximately 1% a year, PMF Notes provide a fantastic alternative for portions of any serious investors portfolio.

PMF Notes are priced as probably one of the best deals on the market today because they provide all the characteristics of an excellent investment: high yield at 7.10 % per year, diversification by spreading investment over many companies, and interest that is paid monthly.

Even though our Notes have never been Insured by the Federal Government, in the last 25 years, our Investors have never lost a penny. A much better statement than most of the banks or mutual funds can say today.

PMF Bancorp has been a family run business since 1985 and manages its entire portfolio itself so when your investment is placed in a corporate receivable, you can sleep well knowing that is being managed by people who care and have the experience in doing things the old-fashioned way.

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