Diversification to Existing Basket of Investments

-Diversification of the PMFnotes comes from the many clients that PMF Bancorp buys “Corporate Receivables” from. PMF spreads its investment over the many customers that each of our clients sells product or services to. We call our client’s customers, “debtors” because they are the ones that owe us the repayment of our investment. PMF Bancorp investigates each one of these “debtors” even though we spread our investment over 1000s of credit worthy “debtors” (see illustration below).

PMF Diversification Page 6 Web version Powerpoint

– The above illustration shows:
1000s of Debtors that we invest in which consist of many different credit worthy companies that are small to large in size. Some of the larger debtors you will recognize such as Costco, Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx, and many others you would not recognize.

We invest in many debtors across industries and size in order to maximize our portfolio’s diversification and safety.

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