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Diversification, Security, No long-term Commitments & Get Paid Monthly Interest!

No Investor has ever lost a Penny!  PMF Investment Corp secures your return by investing in the Corporate Receivables from large and credit worthy companies like Walmart, Costco and many other credit worthy companies.


PMF Notes Investment advantage:

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PMF Investment Corp’s main objective is investing in “Corporate Receivables” from credit worthy companies. We provide our investors that invest with us the following advantages:

There is a little known Secret that most Financial Advisers do not understand and will not talk about… investing in “Corporate Receivables”. PMF Investment has been investing in ‘Corporate Receivables’ of many credit worthy companies as well as larger companies like Walmart, CostCo, Target, HomeDepot, etc. through PMF Bancorp for years. PMF Bancorp is our affiliate that manages our investments in corporate receivables on a daily basis.

We have had hundreds of investors over the years and not one has ever lost any money. Our secret is to manage our own receivable portfolios and to spread our investment and investors’ money over 1000s of credit worthy companies.


5 Secrets to Maintain Your Wealth…as a Retiree  -beating Inflation and Devaluation

*7.10% annual rate is a first year promotional rate for first time investors. Rates are subject to change after the first 13-month period. Average annual yield from PMF Notes over the last 10 years has been approximately 7%.


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