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“1st PMF Bancorp is a family run bank lender that understands our clients needs when it comes to finance, but we offer so much more…” states Stephen Perl, CEO.

Since 1985, PMF Bancorp has been a lender providing our clients with annual sales of $1 to $50 million with customized working capital solutions in areas of factoring and trade finance where other traditional banks cannot.

We understand that distributors and manufactures in the U.S. need more than just PMF’s invoice factoring services…they need other innovative solutions to increase their working capital. PMF has over 25 years of experience in creating solutions for its’ clients.

“I wanted to create a bank lender that could help its’ clients where other traditional banks could or would not help.  PMF can provide innovative financing in the areas of international trade to assist your company in increasing sales through acquiring needed inventory and financing your imports & exports while also insuring your sales transactions.  All this is handled under one roof by our international operations which is headquartered in  Los Angeles.   Our vision was not created over night, but rather strategically planned over the years and formulated into what we call… PMF’s Supply Chain Services.”

PMF has developed the PMF Supply Chain Services model to help its clients increase their sales and to source with confidence in China knowing that our infrastructure and experienced staff spread over 3 continents will be there to provide support.

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