PMF’s New Business Loan Program!

business line of credit los angeles
Get a line of credit and clean up this Spring!

Need a small business loan?

PMF can provide a line credit from $20k-$500k, and an invoice factoring line together for maximum cash flow support.

PMF’s Business Loans typical parameters:

  1. Funding in Week
  2. No Red Tape or Long App Process
  3. No Hidden Broker Fees
  4. Simple Interest
  5. Up to $500,000
  6. Term to repay from 6-36 months

PMF Bancorp offers a real business loan, not a Merchant Cash Advance program like many others, so your business does not have to struggle if you do not have the receivable / invoices to factor or convert to cash. The best solution is to use both products,  a small line of credit and a factoring line, so that your business can have the right financial resources to grow when the opportunity presents itself. For example, PMF’s small business loan could help with a business expansion opportunity while a PMF Factoring Line could help with working capital as the sales and receivables grow due to the expansion.

PMF Bancorp can provide small business loans for companies regardless if they have invoices or not. PMF can provide loans from $20,000 to $500,000.


Call PMF Bancorp now for more info at 800-218-9000 or apply using our quick app.

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