For decades, PMF Bancorp has provided “Credit Research Reports” and profiles on companies globally.  PMF has developed its own proprietary metrics for evaluating various companies’ credit.  PMF utilizes many sources of public and private data to evaluate and monitor 1000s of credits on a daily basis to make certain our clients have the latest info on their client base.

In addition to credit information, PMF also provides “Credit Insurance” on domestic and foreign accounts receivable to mitigate concentrations and many cross border risks.  For more info, see our detailed information on Credit Insurance.

PMF is also the leading private company providing credit and research data on Chinese companies. PMF Bancorp was the first privately owned foreign lender to setup an operating subsidiary in China in 2004.  Since then, PMF has developed our systems and abilities to provide credit research on almost any Chinese company.

PMF’s Chinese subsidiary has developed these expertise through a combination of ex-Chinese bankers on its staff and credit system frame works developed from the U.S. over the years.  Now, PMF can virtually pull credit information on any Chinese company in China via its electronic database resources developed over the year.

PMF can be your in-house “Chief Credit Officer” without the financial burden.  Because of our access to credit files globally in more than +100 counties, we can provide your company with the information it needs to succeed.

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