Can Los Angeles Wholesalers Find Factoring Invoices to be Better than Bank Loans?

Factoring Invoices
Working Capital Is Essential

Factoring Invoice financing is not always thought of immediately by Los Angeles wholesalers because most businesses look to their local bank for loans. Local banks do not provide factoring because it costs too much to monitor and is not a product that fits their lending profiles.

Most businesses understand factoring as the conversion of invoices into immediate cash. This is correct, but some factoring companies are also commercial lenders so the local wholesaler should know all the lending services before using some other potentially more expensive ways to raise capital such as selling equity.

Here are the ways a business can fund itself….

Factoring Invoices Financing: Selling your business’s invoices can raise cash fast.

PO Financing: Funding suppliers based on credit worthy purchase order (POs) from your customers. Often, a supplier will not release your goods based on credit so having a finance company pay the supplier can be a big benefit to cash flow and timeliness of delivery.

Inventory Financing: Los Angeles wholesalers are often preferred over Chinese supplier by large customers because they keep inventory in the US for quick replenishment and can absorb service issues. However, how does a small or mid-sized wholesaler finance their inventory. With PMF Bancorp’s inventory financing, your business could use its regularly sold inventory items as eligible collateral.

Equipment Financing: Los Angeles wholesalers are constantly picking up goods at the port. They often need vehicle financing or equipment financing. PMF Bancorp has programs to assist with these credit needs as well.

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