Finance Factoring News-Amazon’s New Program- Bad for your business?

Amazon’s New White Label Program has companies showing up for invoice factoring financing which is PMF Bancorp‘s specialty, but there appears to be a very concerning issue on fair business practices arising based on what we are observing. You better hold on to your seats based on what I am about to describe about Amazon

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How to Tell Your Customers –Your Company is Opting for Invoice Factoring Financing

Extending credit to customers always helps in running a business and allowing the business to have more working capital to expand. Generally, businesses do not want to miss to increase their working capital.   Therefore, telling your customer that you are now expanding their repayment terms and allowing them to pay in 30 or 60 days

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Managing Short-Term Debts Efficiently with Accounts Receivable Financing

Short-term liabilities or debts include those aspects where businesses owe money to outsiders or their employees that have obligations to be paid within a year. Accrued payroll expenses and wages, accounts payable, short-term borrowings, lease payments, taxes payable, etc. are a few examples of short-term debts. When the amount of short-term debts exceeds total amount

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