5 Secrets to Maintain Your Wealth?

– beating inflation, devaluation & other wealth killers…

As our medical science advances in our society, the current and soon to be retirees are looking how to preserve wealth from being depleted while enjoying their ‘Golden Years’.

As we look at the common investment magazines and newsletters like Money, Kiplinger, etc, we are lead to believe that investing in stocks and bonds are the fundamental investments that we all must have; however, beating the US inflation rate and devaluation is a big challenge for all investors.

PMF Investment’s has 5 investment strategies that will help you defeat inflation & devaluation while maintaining your wealth.

First, make sure that you have a balanced marketable securities portfolio that has gold in the basket. Having 10-20% gold is a great hedge and buying a Gold ETF is most efficient and cost effective.

Second, make certain that your manager or management is still achieving at least a 5% overall return on your assets so that you are at least not losing wealth. PMF Notes are a great investment vehicle  to beat inflation which are yielding  7.40% per year, and have not lost money for our investors over the last 30 years of their existence.  PMF Notes are so safe due to the fact that they are tied to 1000s of “Corporate Invoices” based on credit worthy companies like Walmart, CostCo, and many others.

Thirdly, one can diversify their portfolio holding of mutual funds in to NY Stock Exchange ADR Stocks and funds that cover the emerging markets and do not have inflation and devaluation rates that are tied closely to our markets.

Fourth, one can hold a smaller cash position as this is the main asset that will become worth less and not hold its value over the next 10 years due to our penchant in printing money and living off of huge debts in this country.

Fifth and most important strategy in maintaining and increasing your wealth, which is also a proven hedge against inflation and devaluation, is to buy more property.  Yes, owning property is the one way to get rid of large cash positions and to be in an investment that is inflation proof.  No matter how much inflation goes up, your property holdings will always keep pace.  We cannot say this for many other investments; however, there are draw backs such as liquidity and swings in the real-estate market so make sure you have enough cash and income for the near to mid-term expenses as well.

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